easyTOP air spring system

The easyTOP system has been designed and built to allow a removal / installation fast and simple

The easyTOP system comes pre-assembled in all its parts, easy to install; the tubes are attached to the springs and the controller is fully connected. The installation of the easyTOP system thus proves to be easy and practical, allowing installation also to people not specifically trained for it.

The easyTOP system requires no maintenance.

The installation requires no special equipment and tools, there is no need to drill holes on the chassis of the vehicle, or welding; the original state of the vehicle can be restored at any time.
The installation of the easyTOP system do not involve actions that compromise the integrity of the vehicle.
We recommend storing the parts removed in order to restore the vehicle to its original condition if the user so wishes.

Installing easyTOP it is always possible directly on the crossbow or otherwise in a position close to the wheels, engaging the minimum available space and allowing you to use the full torque arm faster and with less force. In addition this position allows a direct thrust at the points of greatest strength and does not apply any torque to the side members and bending moments at the bridge. The thrust area and the pressure inside them increase proportionally to crushing.

easyTOP is an additional pneumatic air spring with double closed circuit supply system that allows the correction of alignment and leveling of the vehicle even in the presence of non-uniformly distributed loads.

The air is supplied from outside (service station / compressor).

The pressures of the two springs can be adjusted independently to right and left by the two inflation valves and the two manometers.