The advantages

The system of Integrative Pneumatic Air spring easyTOP is designed with the goal of increasing the reliability of the vehicle:

• it improves comfort on the go
• it provides more flexible load
• it increases stability with crosswinds
• it makes the driving position more stable
• it prevents skidding and roll when overtaking
• it minimizes displacements and lateral oscillations
• it ensures correct alignment of the front headlights
• it increases the grip when cornering and overtaking
• it lifts the rear of the vehicle with load close to the limit
• quieter, it avoids being hit by the moving parts on the axle
• it avoids the lowering of the rear axle during towing trailers
• it improves traction by an optimal load distribution on the ground
• it avoids the lowering of the rear end in case of very long rear overhangs
• it avoids the lowering of the rear leaf springs due to weakened crossbows
• it avoids the insertion of the leaf spring and additional sheets that are not adjustable and have a duration limited in time
• it returns the original air spring in an elastic intermediate of its operating range to avoid the wear of the leaf springs and the connected components