Why choosing easyTOP

It meets the quality standards of design, engineering and testing guaranteed by the Made in Italy brand.

It is built with natural and first choice materials.

easyTOP is designed with the aim of speeding up and facilitate the removal / installation of the integrative air spring system, allowing the installation without requiring the intervention of specialized technicians

easyTOP air spring is made of a 75% natural rubber and 25% synthetic rubber case on the outside, while inside it is made by a highly resistant canvas fabric, with high toughness and high resistance to air pressures. The waterproofed sandwich ensures high resistance to heavy loads, weathering and lubricating oils

• the double ruffle spring easyTOP is characterized by an elongation capacity greater than the single springs, it allows a stroke of 170mm. When the spring is squeezed by an external force, as long as the height gradually decreases (distance H between the plates) the effective area increases and therefore the support ability of the spring increases too. In the single spring instead everything happens in a stretch of shorter stroke (difference between maximum H and minimum H) and a second load curve with different variations (see load curves specifications). Furthermore, the double spring, unlike the single spring, acts in the initial stage of its stroke only on the shrinkage surface, thus providing maximum reactivity even at low pressures

• the double ruffle of the air spring easyTOP is separated by a central ring of hardened steel, coated with double canvas rubber, to allow the use of the air spring even when the loads are not perfectly aligned and to ensure, in case of accidental breakage of the spring, that the metal parts do not come into contact with each other, giving a valid protection of the metal parts

• the flanges interposed between the brackets and the spring easyTOP are made of stainless steel so as to ensure a better seal and durability

• the support brackets are totally made of steel with laser processing on numerical control with RINA certified quality system ISO 9001: 2008. Subsequently the zinc coating is carried out on the support brackets in order to prevent corrosion, oxidation due to time, rust and accidental detachments and abrasion of the paint during assembly, thus ensuring greater durability

• the unit of pressure gauges easyTOP is made of stainless steel with modern design, elegant and timeless. It is designed to be compact, easy to apply on any surface and integrated into any compartment of the vehicle. The heavy-duty provides greater durability and resistance to accidental knocks.
It consists of special calibrated pressure manometers (UNI EN 837-1) with integrated valves and fittings.