Conditions and warranty

After 8 days from the arrival of the goods to the consignee this shall be considered accepted.

In case of any defects or abnormalities of any component of the system that could not be found during the testing, it is sufficient to return the product accompanied by a technical report in order to trouble shoot the issue and provide a replacement of the defective part as quick as possible.
The replacement will take place only in the event that the easyTOP Technical Office establishes and confirms the actual anomaly.

The warranty provides, for the period of 24 months from the date of sale, repair or free replacement of defective parts, testing and delivery as soon as possible, if there are significant losses.
Air leaks are considered to be relevant if they bring down the pressure in a circuit by at least 1 bar in 10 days, under the same load.
Lower losses are considered tolerable.

The warranty does not include any labor costs, any accidental damages due to the use of the materials provided, any compensation for the possible detention of the vehicle, since the failure of the system easyTOP does not compromise in any way the original functioning of the vehicle.

The warranty is void if you experience loss or damage resulting from incorrect assembly and use or not in accordance with specific instructions and parameters shown in the assembly instructions and in the data sheet; if you experience any damage or loss caused by external causes (eg. squashing of the pipes, break of the rubber part); if you apply any change to the integrative air springs and their components.
Installing easyTOP on a vehicle for which it is not specifically made voids any guarantee claim.
In case of improper use, unexpected changes of the behavior on the road are not imputable to the product.

It is recommended to handle with care and protect the unit as it is equipped with calibrated and delicate components. The warranty does not cover for impact or shock damages.
In case of a serious loss of one or both of the easyTOP air spring, it is possible, any way, to run the vehicle at a reduced speed as the rubber part is replacing the rebound bumper removed during the installation.