I.T.A. (Impianti Tecnologici ad Aria), using its extensive experience in engineering and according to techniques, processes and quality standards typical of the "Made in Italy", has designed easyTOP air spring system for different vehicle models of various automakers: commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles (campers, caravans , motor caravans , motor homes), construction vehicles, industrial vehicles, trucks-appendix (boat, tent, bike rack, etc), trailers, mobile workshops, SUVs, vans, pick-up and light transport vehicles.
Projects out of catalogue are manufactured on request.

Standard assembly on the rear axle.
The goal of designing additional air spring is to improve the dynamic behavior of the vehicle.

The air spring system should not replace the original system of the vehicle and even impair the ordinary functioning, but it must act, by its proper use and only where it is necessary, as a support to the original system in case of high loads and it is recommended for vehicles with extended rear overhangs; absorbing part of the elastic forces at play provides more stability to the vehicle.